Huaqiangbei Business district

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Business distict has become the most prosperous commercial street in Shenzhen by virtue of the advantages of Asian mobile phone and electronic bazaars and superior geographical transportation. However, the construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 7, the global economic slowdown, and the rise of smartphones As well as the impact of e-commerce, this former Asia’s largest electronic product distribution center, but now is a large number of vacant shops, rents, Huaqiang North can retain its position in the mobile phone market? Will the decline of the electronic market affect the development of other formats in the Huaqiangbei business district, and will department stores and shopping centers decline? Or other formats can take this opportunity to take the opportunity to become the main format of Huaqiang North and reproduce the aura of the most prosperous commercial street? you can obtain a 5 days Shenzhen S.E.Z visa,at the border and visit the elctronic markets.

On October 23, the Shenzhen Metro Line 7 project officially started. By the beginning of next year, the Hongqiao-Shennan section of Huaqiang North Road, which involves subway projects, will face road closures. In addition to the sidewalks, the main roads of motor vehicles will be closed. The north will usher in a “closed period” of nearly three years, and the storefront shops will also be covered.
Not only that, the slowdown in global economic growth and the current e-commerce boom have made this “China Electronics First Street” look a bit bleak. It used to be a shop that was difficult to find. Now there is an empty shop, and there are merchants choosing The departure of the road before the construction period has intensified the emergence of the Huaqiang North air-storage phenomenon.
“In the past, the rental costs of a shop in SEG was as high as 200-300 yuan/square meter, and now the lowest is only 120 yuan/square meter.” Intermediaries said that this electronic business street, which has been crowded and rushed into the sky, is now vacant. The rent has dropped.
Not only is the rent falling, but the future here is full of uncertainty. Will the positioning and format of Huaqiangbei Street change after 3 years? What the future Huaqiangbei will be like?
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